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7 Ways Your Business Can Benefit from Adding Solar

Collect on a Dollar-for-Dollar Tax Credit, with Rollover

Commercial customers of new solar energy systems receive a 26% federal tax credit that provides a dollar-for-dollar reduction in tax liability. Since unused credits carry over, this program allows businesses of any size to benefit from the tax relief of solar.

Recover Costs Through Accelerated Depreciation

Under the federal Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS), businesses recover capital investment costs through asset depreciation. Currently, solar energy systems are depreciated as a 5 year asset class. This allows business owners to recoup the expenses on their solar investment quickly through larger deductions in the first 5 years of the system’s life.

Earn Credit for Energy Exported to the Grid

Through a policy of Net Energy Metering (Net Metering), excess energy produced through solar helps spin your electric meter backwards, saving you money and adding clean renewable energy to the power supply.

Stabilize Your Bills

As long as the sun rises, solar energy will be delivered daily for free by the sun.  Therefore, businesses who are powered by solar are less exposed to price volatility of commodity fuels like coal and natural gas and enjoy a more stable energy bill.

Sell Renewable Energy Credits for Cash

In order to comply with renewable portfolio standards mandated by the state, many utility companies must demonstrate that a certain percentage of energy generated came from renewable sources.  To meet these targets, utilities will purchase renewable energy credits (RECs) from state residents with qualifying solar systems installed.

Generate Energy for Potential Savings on Demand Charges

Demand rate tariffs are common for commercial utility customers. They are basically a measure of the peak amount of power used by the business during the billing period. Since solar serves the load side of the meter first, it could potentially lower the peak power required from the utility.

Reduce Up-Front Costs Through Additional Rebates, Grants and Loan Options

As state renewable production goals continue to rise, businesses are able to
benefit from rebates from local utility providers, state or municipal government
subsidies, and other energy efficiency programs. The political and financial
landscape for solar is driving investments in the industry and unlocking low rate
financing options that businesses can take advantage of.

Businesses of Any Size Can Benefit from Solar Energy

Commercial Solar System Overview

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