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Light powered lights.  What a bright idea.

There are amazing opportunities ahead for solar and every one of us stand to benefit a great deal from the widespread adoption of solar around the world.

Solar energy delivers financial, environmental, and social benefits that make solar a great financial investment today and an even better investment for our future.

The Power to Choose Your Power

We rely on electricity a lot. It makes our food, gives us access to information, entertains us, helps us make a living, and so much more.  As much as we need it, we were never really given much of a choice about where we got our electricity.  We simply had to pay whichever utility supplied the area whatever rates they charged.

Financial Benefits of Solar


Add value to your property


Save more over time, as rates rise


Get 30% back with tax credits


Eliminate or reduce your electric bill

Solar Investment vs. Monthly Electric Bills…Forever.

There’s no functional difference between the electricity you get from the utility grid and the electricity you get from a solar panel system — both will charge your phone, keep your beer cold, and let you watch the game on tv.  Switching to solar reduces the amount of electricity purchased from the utility.  The money you save stays in your pocket or helps pay off your solar loan.  Over time, payments will disappear and your solar system will continue producing electricity and putting money in your pocket.

Environmental Benefits of Solar


Reduce emissions contributing to climate change


Minimizes the destruction of natural habitats for fossil fuel 


Provides sustainable, forever-energy for US and the world


Improves quality of life by reducing the pollution in our  water and air

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